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International expertise to assist, plan and manage medical risk and large-scale emergencies

Prometheus has extensive experience in assessing the medical needs of its customers, ranging from capability development, emergency planning and risk assessments (up to and including national level contingency plans), operational planning and delivery, development of standard operating procedures and casualty retrieval plans.

Prometheus can help you understand and plan the medical management of major incidents which may affect you, or to critically appraise existing plans that are already in place.

Recommendations are sensible and proportionate and aim to enhance your robustness while minimising risk, in a cost-effective manner.

Case Study

Prometheus Medical Ltd was commissioned by Wembley National Stadium Ltd (WNSL), to conduct a Medical Planning Compliance Audit for the venue.

The audit examined the planning, documentation, policy, and written procedures covering WNSL’s operations, in order to fully comply with local and national statutory regulation. In addition, a multi-agency training table-top exercise was conducted to test the plan which involved WNSL, all emergency services and local government personnel.

The audit led to real changes in the medical plan in order to mitigate risk, meet regulatory requirements, and make WNSL’s business more cost-effective.