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Major Incident

Major Incident, Crisis, Disaster...Risk Assessment and Operations Planning

A comprehensive medical needs risk assessment and emergency evacuation plan is key to successful crisis management, especially if the major incident occurs on foreign soil. We can help you understand and plan the medical management of major incidents which may affect you, or to critically appraise existing plans that are already in place. Recommendations are sensible and proportionate and aim to enhance your robustness while minimising risk, in a cost effective manner. Prometheus can help you with the development and tactical implementation of this plan resulting in rapid recovery of staff and other stakeholders.

For clients operating in hostile environments, we have extensive experience in the planning for overseas medical operations and major expeditions to remote areas, and the delivery of medical care that this entails.

Prometheus consultancy is complemented by a complete package of medical support including:

  • Training of personnel (medical and non-medical)
  • Provision of specialist medical  equipment
  • Supply of high-level medical cover to high risk activities
  • Provision of Reach-back facility (the capability to communicate via satellite communications directly with one of our clinicians for real-time advice)