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Remote Medical Assistance and Deployable Medical Support

"Prometheus Medical provided medical practitioners in support of our seismic and drilling operations in western DRC.  Without exception the medical personnel they deployed were very professional, integrating well with both the seismic and drilling crews.  Their advice and support resulted in them becoming valuable members of the team" - Surestream Petroleum Limited

Prometheus can provide trained and accredited medical personnel to cover overseas activities and operations, accompanied with suitably scaled medical equipment.  The qualification and make-up of the medical team or individual is selected to match the size and nature of the task involved.  We have an extensive pool of field-experienced medical practitioners including:

  • Field medics
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Intensive care doctors
  • General Practitioners
  • Emergency medicine specialists

Prometheus has many years of experience deploying medical personnel and supporting equipment to countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Somalia - to list a few.  All deployed personnel work within a strictly applied and audited Clinical Governance structure to ensure excellence at all levels.  Having professional medical support in hostile environments can maximise the output and commitment of  client personnel, and demonstrate well-considered duty of care.

Remote Medical Support

Prometheus Medical offers our unique Reach-back facility, a remote telemedicine service, provided by our network of consultants, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  In an emergency, Reach-back provides you with the reassurance of communicating directly with an experienced doctor who will help talk through patient diagnosis and management in even the most demanding situations, to the benefit of the patient and carer.  Advanced technologies are available to support this service and ensure current best practice is delivered.