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MIMMS (Major Incident Medical Management and Support) Course

Course Overview

This certified three-day course is delivered by experienced pre-hospital emergency care practitioners and teaches a systematic approach to the medical management of major incidents in accordance with ALSG guidance. Training involves short lectures, table-top exercises, skill stations and concludes with practical exercises without casualties while working in groups at an incident location. Candidates are issued with a comprehensive course manual up to four weeks prior to the course and are required to complete an on-line MCQ assessment before attending the course.   

Course dates for 2021 are yet to be scheduled. 


MIMMS is essential training for personnel who are involved in major incident planning or providing a major incident response.  The aim is to develop an understanding of the structured response to an incident using the systematic 'all hazards' approach of Command, Control, Safety, Communication, Assessment, Triage, Treatment and Transport, bronze, silver and gold levels of command and the activities within the inner and outer cordons. 

Entry Criteria

Candidates should be from a medical, nursing or Paramedic background.

Course Content

  • Introduction to major incidents
  • The role of health and emergency services
  • Planning and preparation for major incidents
  • Communications
  • Personal protective equipment and medical equipment (workshop)
  • Radio procedures (skill station)
  • Command and control at an incident
  • Table-top exercise - command and control (workshop)
  • Triage
  • Table-top exercise - medical support (workshop)
  • Treatment
  • Transport and packaging
  • Table-top exercise - triage (workshop)
  • Assessments (MCQ, triage, radio procedures, moulage)
  • Local application of MIMMS (workshop)
  • Major incident debriefing (workshop)
  • Introduction to incident command (workshop)
  • Structured use of MIPS (workshop)
  • Practical exercises without casualties (PEWC)


Certification is issued by ALSG (Advanced Life Support Group) and is valid for four years.


Three Days


At Prometheus residential training facility in Hereford, Herefordshire.  Bespoke courses also available at a requested venue convenient to you. Lunch is provided throughout the course. 

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