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RTC (Road Traffic Collision) Course

The Remote Road Traffic Collision Management and Casualty Extrication course is taught by award-winning vehicle extrication specialists and provides training in scene management and extrication of a casualty in the event of a traffic collision, using minimal equipment in a remote location.


To train security and medical personnel to manage the scene and the extrication of a casualty in a road traffic collision using minimal equipment in a remote location.

Entry Criteria

Medical course/qualification (Team Medic Course, VIPER Course, FPOS Basic or Intermediate, HSE FAW, Paramedic, EMT, Doctor, Nurse).

Course Content

  • Casualty extrication equipment
  • Scene safety and management
  • Systematic approach to casualty extrication
  • Vehicle cutting techniques
  • Improvisation skills
  • Practical exercises - A Plan, B Plan, vehicle on roof
  • Scenario-based practical skills training




One Day


At Prometheus residential training facility in Hereford, Herefordshire. Bespoke courses also available at a requested venue convenient to you.

Malcolm Russell at RTC Scene

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