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SPHERe (Emergency Resuscitation) Course

Course Overview

The SPHERe™ course provides the pre-hospital medical professional with advanced training in pre-hospital resuscitation to enable them to deliver elite, high-quality care in the critical emergency of cardiac arrest. Until now, there has been no standard in pre-hospital resuscitation training. To fulfil this need, Prometheus Medical, in partnership with leading members of the UK resuscitation community, developed the SPHERe™ course. The course focuses on the provision of the most advanced standards of resuscitation for both medical and traumatic cardiac arrest in the pre-hospital setting. Training is ideal for those working regularly in the pre-hospital environment.


The SPHERe™ course aims to equip students with the essential scientific knowledge, technical and non-technical skills to deliver the most advanced level of pre-hospital resuscitation.

Entry Criteria

Certified Paramedic, registered Doctor or Nurse or pre-hospital Medic with appropriate level of experience.

Course Content

As with all Prometheus courses, the emphasis is on short lectures, high instructor to student ratios, supervised practical skill sessions and scenario-based moulages. Training is delivered by experts in the field of pre-hospital resuscitation. The course covers essential resuscitation science, including the pathophysiology of cardiac arrest, the mechanics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, advanced therapies such as therapeutic hypothermia, together with non-technical skills including resuscitation leadership and performance feedback. The training includes multiple practical sessions on airway management, defibrillation, use of mechanical CPR devices and a series of extended resuscitation moulages.


Prometheus Certified 


Two Days


At Prometheus residential training facility in Hereford, Herefordshire. Bespoke courses also available at a requested venue convenient to you.

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