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Medical Management Service

The Prometheus Medical Management Service aims to reduce the medical risk to which clients are exposed by providing a comprehensive support package, tailored to the client's particular requirements, to assist with any medically related issues. By making practices safer, more robust, and easier to present for external scrutiny our service allows clients to mitigate the risk of potential litigation and enables them to fulfil their ‘duty of care’ to their own clients and employees .

As well as day to day support to our clients’ medical personnel, Prometheus offers a range of services to clients using our Medical Management Service, including:

  • Medical Needs Risk Assessment and Operations Planning
  • Disaster, Crisis and Major Incident Planning and Medical Response
  • Medical Component of Crisis Management
  • Casualty Retrieval Planning
  • Global Operations Planning
  • Medical Audit
  • Medical Reports
  • Advisory visits and review of existing arrangements and recommendations

The Prometheus Medical Management Service includes:

  • Pre-employment interviews of personnel with a medical role, on behalf of the client
  • Production of comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures for deployed medics
  • Standardisation and rationalisation of medical equipment and medications
  • 24/7 remote medical support ('Reach-back') by UK clinicians with extensive experience in pre-hospital emergency care
  • Delivery of bespoke medical training packages and exercises
  • Consultancy Support

Prometheus provides a robust clinical governance structure for deployed medics to operate within, which includes direction on patient assessment and management, equipment and medication management and supply, training, and significant event management.